Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ball time in Oklahoma

I live smack dab in the middle of Oklahoma.  Yes, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!  Here in Oklahoma, we love us some softball! Baseball is good, but if you have daughters, you're going to play some softball.  Tonight, my two oldest have their first games.  Thankfully for Mom & Dad, they are playing in the same town on fields right next to each other.  (I wish it could be that way every time!)

There's just something about sitting at the ballfield, sipping on a Dr. Pepper, snacking on some sunflower seeds, and watching your kids play ball.  There are little ones running around playing tag, digging in the dirt and hiding from their mommas while the adults talk, snap pictures of the players and offer "some friendly advice" to the coaches. 

If you've never experienced it, you should go down to your local ball field this time of year.  Enjoy some of the concession stand fare, cheer for a team and take in the sights and sounds.  It's southern contentment and craziness all rolled into one!  I'll be off now to enjoy the games, but I'll post some pics when I get back.

These are my girls.  (No, the little one isn't playing, but she wants to be just like her big sisters!)

This is my "Bear" playing first base--she did a great job!!

This is our oldest.  Doesn't she look like a home run hitter? She didn't hit one last night, but this season does look promising.
(Notice the man just behind her carefully watching her swing--yep, that's her Daddy, making sure she's doing it right!)

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