Monday, March 21, 2011


"I am so blessed."  That is such a great phrase, and it is a wonderful attitude to have.  In fact, the Bible tells us to be thankful and to number our blessings.

I go to a small, but growing church where we are encouraged many times during each week to share "blessings".  I noticed a trend when we (we, meaning myself included) shared these blessings that they were seldom tied to material things, although there were some mentions of new items that someone had obtained.  More often, it was thankfulness for health, family, church, friends, etc.  I am so glad that our church participates in this activity each week because it unites us as a body in being thankful to God for the things He has given us.

As I watched and listened, however, I started to think about the blessings that were spoken.  "Health of my children", "Freedom to worship", "Good, Christian Friends" Suddenly, I was reminded of the story of Job.  He had all of these things.....taken from him.  Yet, he still considered himself to be blessed by God.  He did not curse God when his children were killed or when his fortune was gone. 

I should be thankful to God for my health, my freedom, my possessions. But, what about the person who does have a sick child, no friends, or no job--are they less blessed than me because of it?

Or more blessed? 

Trials and sufferings aren't given to people as a punishment, but as an opportunity to let God grow the one who is tried. Does God count me as someone worthy of such a trial?  Would I still be able to speak of my blessings if I didn't have a husband, a child, a home or the freedom to thank God?

I don't have to seek out an opportunity to grow in Christ.  Opportunities are everywhere, and there is no shortage of trials to go around.  It is up to me, however, how I let God use them to be a blessing in my life.

Just some food for thought...

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