Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Introduce Yourself

Someone who read my first blog post told me that I hadn't really introduced myself (& that it wasn't very good.)  I am choosing to listen to the first part and ignore the second part!  While you can read a little about me in the "About Me" section, if you are really going to get to know me, I had better let you all in on some of the finer points of my life.  I don't really like to post about myself, but I'd really like you all to get to know me so I can get to know you.  Where shall I begin.......?

ME: My name is Sarah, and I'm rapidly approaching 35 years of age (which scares me more than I'd like to admit.)  I love to cook, garden, scrapbook, read, run, and do a whole bunch of other stuff that I never have time to do.  I am a work-at-home mom with an in-home daycare.  I am constantly surrounded by children, and sometimes it gets a little overwhelming.  That's when I escape for a few hours to be alone--grocery shopping.  Don't be overwhelmed by the excitement of my life just yet, there's more!

MY FAMILY:  I married a man almost 11 years ago that I never would have picked for me, but he turned out to be the greatest catch EVER! I love him with all my heart, and he is my hero in every way, even though he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body!  We have four wonderful children that are the source of great joy and extreme frustration.  We live next door to my in-laws which could be a very sticky situation, but it turned out to be a wonderful arrangement.  My parents are just a few miles away which seems unbelievably different than how I planned my life to be.  I think it went something like, "I'm moving as far away from here as I possibly can, and I'm going to travel all over the world."  Um, not so much!  Thankfully, we all get along and family holidays, birthdays and outings are literally "one, big, happy family".

MY FOOD:  Because I do have a large family, and my work brings even more mouths into the house, I often find myself in the kitchen.  Some days, it's a blessing; some days, it's a curse. Three meals a day and snacks too!  Since I'm caring for other people's children as well as my own, I feel this added pressure to eat healthy.  I don't always succeed, especially when I'm crunched for time or just plain worn out, but I do try!  I love to share my menus and recipes with any and all who take the time to ask.  I also have friends and family with medical issues (diabetes, Celiac, asthma, etc.) so I try to add a few modified recipes in the mix for when we have guests.  I bake my kids birthday cakes, and absolutely LOVE church potluck dinners!  Guess you could say I'm a jack of all trades (but master of none) when it comes to the kitchen!

MY FAITH:  I don't think any summary of my life would be complete without a mention of my faith.  I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ.  I am a Baptist by conviction.  I try not to preach my faith to those around me, but I will--especially if someone else starts the conversation.  I try better to live it through my words and actions.  I very often fail at being a good light in my world, and I'm not always the best one to point others to Christ; but I wake up each morning with that goal in mind.  My faith is what sustains me and gives me peace and joy in my heart.  Public debate about what I believe is not what I am after.  If I post something about my faith, it is only to share a part of my life with you.  Arguing is not my intention, and if "discussion" arises, I'd rather it be one-on-one than in a public forum.

That's a more in-depth "about me", although I'd like to share more of my story with you as this blog continues.  Sometimes, my life is a little boring, and sometimes there are stories that are great to share.  I'll try to share them all as I get to know you a little more.  Enjoy!