Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why Wait? Update!

I felt the sudden urge to blog today (with a little encouragement from a friend!)  Imagine my surprise, when I looked at my blog, and I realized that I haven't written anything since June--7 1/2 months!! It's amazing how time flies, and we don't realize the things we have put aside.  God has been doing some wonderful work in my life, and I have found some new hobbies and books to hold my interest.
My last post in June was to set some new goals.  How have I done?  Let's see.....
  1. Get outside (weather permitting) or get on the floor and play with my kids for 30 minutes more every day. I'd say I'm doing pretty good with this one.  The kids and I are reading together, playing together, and even cooking together.  I love this time with my kids more than almost anything!
  2. Eat a salad with at least one meal a day, plus all my other veggies. I've definitely been doing this one, and I can tell the difference in how I feel each day.  Eating healthy can be tasty, but it does require some preparation! Luckily, once you get going, you have more energy to do the preparing and the planning.  It's a win/win cycle!
  3. Run a 5k this year (maybe two), and get a schedule set for next year. (Have to start running 3x's a week to obtain this goal. Gonna need some help!!) YES! I ran two 5ks last year, and I've already run one this year.  I have a 10k, a 15k, and a half-marathon scheduled also.  I'm running 3-4 times a week, and I've lost 20 pounds.  It has been a great thing for me physically, emotionally, mentally, but most of all, spiritually.  I truly love to run!
  4. Start writing once a week (blog, book, anything to keep my writing skills up.) Um, this is a definite FAIL!  While I have been doing some sporadic writing, I definitely haven't kept up with my blog or written once a week.  I'm not giving up, though.  After all, I'm writing now, aren't I?
  5. Spend at least one hour a week devoted to the ministries that I am personally involved with at my church (calling my class, working on lessons, tending to the classroom, writing cards, etc.) I have been able to do this, and it is such a blessing to me!  If you don't have the privilege of serving others in any type of ministry, you should find one.  You would be surprised at how much it will bless your heart.  Seems a little backward, doesn't it?  You get the blessing when you are serving others?  Well, if you aren't trying to get something out of it, but are trying to be a blessing to others; you almost always get a more wonderful blessing yourself.  It's God's amazing way of showing us how His ways are above our ways. (Isaiah 55:8) And I'm so thankful for that!
That tells you a little about what's been going on in my life lately.  I pray that each of my friends are having a wonderful start to the New Year, and that God is blessing in each of your lives!

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